Meet our staff

Ben Feldman, MSW, ISW

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern




Ben Feldman, MSW, ISW received his Master's degree in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis in 1971. His therapy experience began in 1968 as a psychiatric social worker employed by the St. Louis State Hospital, working with alcohol dependent patients on a detoxification unit. Later he worked in the youth center with adolescents and their families, individually and in groups. In 1975 he was employed with the Jewish Family and Children Services. In 1976, he opened his own independent private practice. In addition, from 1968 to 1975 he was an officer in the Army Reserves as a psychiatric social worker in Army hospitals. As a First Lieutenant, he worked with psychiatrists and medical staff in different hospitals.


After moving to Ft. Myers, from St. Louis, Mr. Feldman decided to work with Hope Hospice. Upon leaving Hope Hospice in 2012 he has been self-employed and worked for several Home Health agencies in Ft. Myers, performing mental health evaluations. He also provided counseling for seniors. During this time, he wrote a column called Talking Therapy for the Santiva Chronicle. He has written columns for the Daily Surge and The American Thinker. In addition to his writing, Mr. Feldman is a public speaker and has given a talk, HOW TO LIVE MENTALLY HAPPY to the National Association of Mental Illness in Naples on two occasions. He has also spoken before the Gulf Coast Writers Association and two Rotary clubs in Ft. Myers. He received specialized training for three years at the Tampa Bay Institute of Psychoanalysis in Tampa, Florida from 2010 to 2013. He is also a supervisor for the Chinese American Psychoanalytic Association (CAPA) and is a current member of CAPA.


Mr. Feldman believes therapy can be useful in our lives when we are struggling with feelings and need to connect with someone that can hear the pain, understand the struggle, and help. Mr. Feldman is empathetic, personable and engaging. He will work with depression, anxiety, anger and other emotions which trouble individuals, couples, families, adults and children. Essentially, Mr. Feldman's approach is to help a person understand what inside of them is creating painful inner struggles, affecting their life and relationships. Mr. Feldman's goal is to help individuals live comfortable and happy lives.